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About Us

Headquartered in heart of Holland, Holland Milk is a global specialised producer, developer and supplier of infant formula powders and related products. Through our office in China we work on an expanse of the activities of Holland Milk in the entire Asia region.

Holland Milk is a 100% family owned and managed business with deep roots in Amersfoort, the dairy hub of Holland. Along with Holland Milk, Amersfoort enjoys the presence of one of word's largest infant formula and dairy companies and the Netherlands Controlling unit for Milk products (COKZ) both headquartered a stone throw away from Holland Milk.

Holland Milk is known for the premium brand AMA (Amersfoortse Melk Associatie) throughout the world. In addition, we produce infant formula for a select group of other international businesses. Our product range comprises of infant formulas based on both cow and goat milk. All products can be produced organically.

Ever since the foundation of Holland Milk BV, we believe in rigorous quality standards and in the usage of only the best ingredients for our products. Our company and partners have substantial history in the production of infant formulas. Our products are made with the assistance of some of the most experienced people of the Dutch dairy industry and only highly skilled food nutritionists create our formulas.